More infomation about WinToUSB

Supported Host Operating Systems
Operating System Windows XP or later (64 & 32 bits)
CPU Intel® Pentium® processor 1GHz (32 bits or 64 bits) or above
RAM 256 MB (1024 MB Recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 50MB of free space
Display Device: 800x600 graphic device (higher resolution recommended)
Upgrade Policy
Minor version upgrades (for example from version 2.0 to version 2.1) are free.
Major version upgrades (for example from version 2.x to version 3.x) can be purchased with a 50% discount.
Please email your upgrade request to, along with the original receipt or proof of purchase (such as the order ID or other buyer information). You will then receive a coupon code that you can enter on the payment page.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A WinToUSB usage guide is available here and FAQ is available here.
Bugs or Enhancement Requests
You can send an e-mail or ask a question in the forum.
Change Logs
  • Version 3.6 (5/3/2017)
    • Fixed bug: Failed to extract files from the wim file in some cases
    • Fixed bug: Failed to create Windows installation USB in some cases
    • Fixed bug: Failed to format USB flash drive in some cases
    • Fix other minor bugs

  • Version 3.5 (3/6/2017)
    • Add support for cloning Windows on a VHD/VHDX disk to USB drive
    • Convert Windows To Go drive to internal hard drive
    • Fix other minor bugs

  • Version 3.4 (12/20/2016)
    • Creation of Windows 10/8/7 To Go on a USB flash drive with both BIOS and UEFI support
    • Allows users to select the partitioning scheme when formatting a USB flash drive
    • Turkey language support
    • Fix other minor bugs

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