What is Windows To Go Certified Drives for Windows 10/8 To Go?

2015-3-7, Posted by Admin to Portable Windows Creator

Windows To Go certified drives pass a battery of certification tests, including self-hosting and boot compatibility across a variety of PCs. The certification process ensures that drives are built for the high random read / write speeds required for running Windows 10/8 smoothly. Additionally, certified drives are backed with manufacturer warranties, with a focus on continuing to operate under normal working conditions.

The following are the USB drives currently certified for use as Windows To Go drives:


As more drives get certified we will be sure to update this list!

Tips: If you don't have enough budget to buy a Windows To Go certified drive, we recommend to you to buy a SanDisk Extreme CZ80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive or a SanDisk Extreme PRO CZ88 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, it is fast enough to run Windows 10/8/7 smoothly and more cheaper.